Personality and Duties

Homestay students need to have an outgoing personality, and need to be open and respectful towards new cultures. Having travelled, studied, and/or worked abroad is highly recommended. Homestay students should be willing to exchange ideas, art, information and other aspects of culture. Teaching foreign languages to the host children is their main priority. Having prior teaching and child-care experience would be an important advantage. Homestay China’s main focus is on culture and language exchange. Besides that, Homestay students need to:

Matt with host son Tauze

Matt with host son Tauze

  • Help the family learning English (other languages)
  • Take the child to school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon (depends on the family, sometimes not necessary)
  • Introduce their own culture to the host family
  • Be responsible. That means Homestay participants should keep their room tidy and clean up after themselves when using the family's facilities.
  • Become the "big sister/brother" of the child

Your work time is up to 25 hours per week. (Depending on the family and the child's schedule, it can be less)


Our homestay program is different from others

Our host families have their own cleaning staff, cooking staff and nannies. You do not have to do any kind of work for your host family like cooking, cleaning or washing dishes.

All you need to do:

  • Introduce your own culture to host family 
  • Teach foreign language, mainly English 
  • Keep own room tidy 
  • Clean after yourself
  • Respect the family's rules