Feedback - Homestay students


The time with my chinese family organized by Homestay China was a once in a lifetime experience for me. What I appreciated a lot during my time in China was that I could always contact Rita from Homestay China with any questions I had – any time of the day. Even though some things, as for example getting the right visa, can be complicated, the people at Homestay China tried everything to help me with that. They also provided me with the perfect English text book and material to help my guest sister Niuniu evolve and develop her English skills. That way, apart from Speaking, we also worked a lot on Niunius writing skills. It was amazing to see how she made progress and to watch our relationship grow deeper and deeper over the six months I stayed with the family. I didn't thank that I would say that, but after only two months with the family I knew I wanted to watch Niuniu grow up and stay in contact with her over the next years. It was wonderful to finally have a sister :) Thanks to my guest family I was also able to spend Chinese New Year with them on Hainan, a tropical Island in the South China Sea. Definitely a unique experience. If you're open for completely new experiences and ready to immerse yourself in a different culture then your time as an English teacher with Homestay China is perfect! I will see my guest family again soon, when they will come visit me in Germany and we will travel through Europe together :)


Zora, April 2018


I would say during the last six months I've changed a lot, since I had to adapt to a whole different culture, food, weather, customs... than those from back home. It's a challenge, but it's very rewarding when you realize you can get by only using Chinese, which was my main objective when coming to China: my Chinese has definitely improved a lot. Living with a Chinese family is not always easy and a lot of patience is required, but at the same time you get to understand how they think and you can learn so much just by listening to their conversations and traveling together, for example (if you speak Chinese, of course!). My favorite part of this experience was sharing my time with my host sister, because even if she's always busy with homework and activities, we always had a good time together, I feel like we learnt so much from each other and sometimes she even became my Chinese teacher! I'm also very happy with my Chinese lessons at the local university and the friends I made here. All in all, a very unique experience full of adventures. Nerea


Nerea, April 2017

United States

The Homestay China program was a valuable experience allowing me the opportunity to meet people I would otherwise never have met. The other Homestay teachers and the families I met are people I hope to remain friends with for a very long time. Staying with a Chinese family gave me insight into Chinese life and culture that is impossible to gain otherwise. I greatly enjoyed my time with my family. They were kind and generous, making allowances for differences in culture. They were very understanding about my desire to study while in China. My little sister was very sweet and very smart. She has no compunctions whatsoever about speaking English, so she was a pleasure to teach. We mostly played games in order to learn, and she was always enthusiastic about playing games. The parents were very generous with their time and money and took me to see many cultural sites. We ate the food of minority ethnic groups, went to see performances, and experienced wonderful scenery. I will never forget my time with them. I hope future Homestay China teachers have as pleasurable experience as I did.


Carlie, August 2016

United States

My name is Benny Liao, I am from United States from Provo, Utah. Choosing to come to China was one of the best things I have ever done with my life. HomeStay China selected me to go to Guiyang, China, a place in China where many Chinese don’t even know about. I did not know what to expect when I got there, however it was the perfect place for me. The family that I stayed in were the most hospitable and caring family that I could have. They treated me just like I was part of their family and was warmly welcomed. I had to teach their daughter(11 years old) and their son(13 years old), and also play with their youngest son(4 years old). Teaching English with these children could be difficult at first because I did not have very much experience, but once you learn to know the children better you will get the idea of how to teach them. The children are very hard working and are dedicated to learning English. I have noticed that they have a very strict way of learning, so they learn very quick. Overall, I love the family that I lived with and they are been a great part of why Guiyang was so great. Life in Guiyang is truly a lifetime experience, there is so much to do in the city. So many great places to see, and people to meet. Going to amazing villages out of the city, and visiting the malls and temples all around the area is so fun. The best part of my life in Guiyang is because of the other foreigners that you meet here. They become part of your life and learn to help each other. I have made friends here that I will treasure for the rest of my life.


Benny, July 2016


I love my Chinese family. They gave me the freedom and love. The family is so open and also very curious to know more. They are very respectful and of course the children are amazing too. They are definitely my brother and sister. I can't wait for them to visit me. I felt like I was part of their family and I was included in all the activities like the Spring Festival holidays we went to Guangzhou and Sanya. I couldn't ask for a better family. I'm so sad to leave them and 刘博川 and 阳阳。The family has an amazing spirit and I feel blessed to have been part of their lives. 


Stefania, June 2015

United States

My time here in China has been better than I ever could have expected. I traveled around, experienced chinese culture, learned chinese,and was able to see China in a way that touring china could never offer. living in a Chinese family was a great way to see how China's day to day altually works. simply coming to china doesn't allow you to see what homestaychina's immersion offers. I have made lifetime friends here.China is a very special place with so much history. I'm grateful to my host family and homestay china for allowing me to have this incredible opprtunity.


Jake, Dezember 2014

United States

Coming to China to study Chinese was something that I have always wanted to do, but didn't expect to be able to afford for a long time. There are a lot of different programs I found for teaching english, but nobody that I met who had come to China with those programs really learned how to speak the language because they live with other foreigners, and only speak english when teaching. Homestay China allows me to be immersed in the the culture and the language constantly, so even though I speak english with the children I teach, I am constantly learning Chinese as well. I love my host family, and because they opened their home to me I have learned the Chinese culture firsthand as part of their family. The Homestay China staff have been great to orient us as we transition to a Chinese lifestyle, teaching language skills to use for day-to-day needs, helping us understand the customs of our host families, and assisting with visas and required paperwork to live and travel in China. Homestay China has provided me with a great experience that has opened my understanding of the Chinese people, their language, and their culture. Though moving to a foreign country is a very difficult experience, I have no regrets about my choice to participate in the Homestay China program. In fact, I am extremely grateful for it. Brady


Brady, May 2014

British Sovereign Base Areas

The Homestay China Program seemed to be a pretty easy way to spend some time in the 'Country Between' - and it was: except booking my flight myself everything else was organised by the office. Two days before my arrival in Kunming then the big shock: My family all of a sudden couldn't host me anymore! Completely terrified I got on the plane anyway, believing Homestay's calming words: Don't worry. And they were right, by the time I landed they had already found another family and I could move in within days. China gave me a lot - I grew ages in the 5 months I finally stayed. It is a challenging country, you should keep well in mind that it can absolutely not be compared to any western country, and this fact can sometimes need taking a deep breath. However, I don't regret a single second that I spend in this amazing, beautiful, exciting, crazy country. I enjoyed its culture, language, food, customes and people, who are - in my opinion - one of the world's friendliest people, I met wonderful personalities here. My family happened to be what I could only have dreamed of - heartwarming, open minded, caring.. In the few months I was living with them I felt like becoming part of their family, being called 'daughter' and closing them deep into my heart. I really loved my time in China and can only suggest everyone to do the same. Homestay China's programe therefore is definitely a good way to do so, the helpful stuff will always try to make you feel comfortable in every situation and help wherever needed. Feel free to contact me for any reason! (Facebook or email)


Sarah, February 2014


My experience in China was very useful. When u live with a Chinese family u can learn many things, about Chinese life habit. custom, I learned a lot from it. I understoon h ow Chinese people live our life and their thinking, I understand all the differences in my life, I can face with Chinese life and undertand all the differences beween my life(Italian habit). And their life, also I could improve my Chinese, so I am happy to do this experience.


Benedetta, January 2014

United States

My time with Homestay China was one of the best experiences of my life. In the six months that I participated in this program, I stayed with two Chinese families; both very different from each other. I knew a little bit of Chinese before signing up, but thanks to the free classes, my speaking, writing, and reading have improved an almost immeasurable amount. I was able to experience first-hand and in-depth Chinese living and culture. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Every month Homestay China hosts a culture class or cultural event. The culture classes consisted of a wide variety of topics, from basic Tai Chi to calligraphy to the history and uses of Chinese tea. The out-of-the-office events included, but were not limited to, visiting local temples and a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hospital. Whenever I had any question or concern, big or small, intelligent or ridiculous, the Homestay China team was there to help in any way possible. I am pleased to say that though at times I missed my real family and friends back home, I am overwhelmed with joy and pride at having participated in and completed this program. Twice. Now I have a greater cultural awareness and new friends on the opposite side of the world. I cannot express in words the appreciation and gratitude I wish to convey to the Homestay China team, the families, and the fellow participants, so I will simply write this: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Mike, November 2013


Having joined Homestay China program for more than a year, I have to say, it is a lifetjme experience, I will never forgot my life in Kunming, in China. Homestay China is a great opportunity who wants to learn Chinese and Chinese culture, take myself as an vivid example, I didn't know any Chinese until I arrived in China, after spending nearly 18 months here, I can speak a fluent Chinese. Living with a realy Chinese family has taught me a lot about Chinese culture, I will always remember them.


Alexandra, November 2013


I am very happy about my days in Kunming, I got to meet great people, I will stay in contact with and I learned a lot about Chinese culture. I also improved my Chinese very fast and I am now able to maintain a good converstaion in Chinese. I love the family I stayed with, they were very nice and helpful, so are the staff of Homestay China. Thanks Mindy, for your teaching it was perfect. Hope to see u soon and come back to Kunming.


Aline, November 2013


After 10 months this wonderful experience has come to an end. Living in China has brought me a new knowledge of this nice place, having to exerience a life with a culture that isn't the one u've always known was complicated at first, but the amazing family I shard my life with became my real family. I will miss them very much, let's hope one day, I'll be able to come back and visit my lovely Chinese famliiy and all the friends I was able to make. Thanks to Homestay China, I had the experience of a lifetime. I would definetly recomment to whoever wnat s to come to China.


Lavinia, September 2013

United Kingdom

My time in China has been really thrilling, with ups and downs as any experience but overall it has been a hugely positive one and one I'll never forget. Working with my family and getting to know their child was pure joy and learning about one another's cultures as well as languages has been really interesting and educational. It's also made me really appreciate many things I have taken for granted that Chinese people go without. Doing this experience you have to be very open minded and independent but the homestay students office are there with you every step of the way and are extremely friendly and helpful. This is a great enriching experience and I'd recommend it to anyone with the power and motivation to experience something new.


Ruth, August 2012

United Kingdom

Homestay China has been one of the greatest introductions to both Chinese culture and language, I could never imagined it. The team in the office have been brilliant helping and advising every step of the way and have become true friends. The experience of living within a Chinese family has been invaluable and a truly once in a life time opportunity that I would urge anyone to get involved in! Thank you Homestay China for my unforgettable time here, I wish it could have been longer.


Charlotte, August 2012


Cristina & Jenny How it is to have a foreigner at home: Having a foreigner at home has its pros and its cons, so it is an interesting thing. If you are very busy with your school homework you can ask the foreigner to help you. If you need someone to make you breakfast, the foreigner can make that too. Sometimes,the homestay student can take you out to a picnic so you can practice your English with their friends. You also can ask them to teach you English. Although your English is really bad, if you can speak to the homestay student as a friend, you can speak English at home all the time. If you become friends with the foreigner, when they go back home, you can keep in touch sending emails to each other so you can still improve your English. But sometimes, the cultures are too different. You have to buy foreign food because sometimes they can’t stand Chinese food. It’s always an interesting thing to have a foreigner at home. ShanShan ?? (Jenny) 13


Cristina, July 2012


This is a fantastic possibility - beyond belief. I will never forget! To be able to experience China in the best possible way. You can't do it on your own. The small problems that came up when I tried my best to adjust to the different culture where easily solved with the help of the nice and efficient employees from Home Stay China. I felt confident.


Helena, August 2011

United Kingdom

I have enjoyed living with my host family since day 1 and really feel like part of the family now (my Chinese name has their family name in it). The program has helped and supported me whenever I have needed them and they are such nice people. For someone who wants to experience the Chinese culture this is probably the best option. 3 months ago I couldn't speak a word of Chinese and now I feel I can get by from day to day through what I have learned in both school and living with my family.


Matthew, August 2011


My experience as a homestay student with my Chinese family was very interesting. I discovered real Chinese culture every day, how to live with Chinese people, and how they think, I also had a chance to practice my Chinese everyday and build a real relationship with my family. After my contract was over, it has been a pleasure for us to meet together to have dinner. I highly recommend this experience to everyone.


Leila, July 2011

United States

Recently i took part in a program called Homestay China. They set up for you to study Chinese, and live with a host family. I was skeptical at first, but eventually i ended up going through with it. I signed up for 1 year. It was one of the best times I've had, my host family took me traveling all over china. My perception of china before i went, was that it was a 3rd world country. But shortly after i arrived i was blown away. Everything i assumed, and expected wasn't true. It was all up to date, fancy cars driving every where, and well made bus systems. During my time there i went to school Monday through Friday for 2 hours each day. Everything was paid for by the host family, they pay for my school and my return ticket home. My host family and all my friends host families paid for their traveling expenses during break. I got to experience actual life in china, not a tourist trip. Feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions.


John, October 2010